Monday, September 12, 2005

Is Google Stealing Passwords?

It started simple enough. I needed my password for the REV3 forums so I entered in my user name and got the message the password had been sent (you know the drill) I go to Gmail and much to my surpise I have TWO emails from REV3 each with my password...But here's where it gets interesting Kevin Rose and the rest of the gang at REV3 were smart enough to have on every password request email the IP address that requested it so that one could see just who was trying to steel your information in the case it wasn't you.
Both emails came at the same time 12:45 am and the times the password was requested where about a 1/2 second apart the 1st one showed my IP address the second one shows an IP address of after a moment of scratching my head I decided to look up the odd IP and see just where it came from expecting to only find who there ISP was. Much to my surprise the IP belongs to Google an as far as I know Google aint no ISP. The whois info is here
So this leads to the question, Is Google stealing passwords? And if so why? Below you will find a screen shot of the emails in question with my password and IP address blacked out (im not that dumb) is there a simple explanation for this I just don't know.


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