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the top 10 things I think digg needs to do to make it better

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I have been using digg.com for a wile 1st off let
me say I think its one of the best news sites ever created with a registered
user count of over 5,800 and a lot of non registered users. wile the site is
still in it infancy it has grown and improved buy leaps and bounds adding
useful features such as the ability to add any story from digg to your blog
(you can see examples through out this blog) the ability to edit you
entry's ( a godsend to those of us who are still awake at am) the
ability to report bogus content (spam, bad links, free ipod crap) and the
ability to undigg a story (another godsend for people who digg before they read
the story that's linked)
however there is still room for improvement as with
all good things it can always be better. now before I get in to what I
would change let me say a few things. I did not write this to dive up traffic on
my blog I don't really care one way or another how many people come to this
page. its not like IM going to get rich bloging yea I got google adds but so
dose dam near every site on the web. same goes for my web counter. wile I am
ranked kind of high on the top user list I do not feel I'm any better than
any other digg user (well maybe Kevin Rose LOL) I did not set out to get that
high of a ranking all I wanted just to be apart of digg....ok with all
that out of the way I should reduce some of the moronic comments vie seen
when digg users put there own content on digg.

the top 10 things I think digg needs to do to make it better

#1 wile the comments are a great addition there
needs to be a human moderator for them wile I understand that this
would require a lot of work I think that out of the 5.800 there is a few that
are not only qualified but willing to do this simply having the ability to
remove the offensive comment on a per user basis view is not enough
(with the current system you can set it up so if others rank it as spam or
something you wont see it) when a new user comes to digg an sees the comments
they do not know how the system works and all the spaming and flaming will give
them a bad impression of digg
#2 there needs to be a don't like it don't digg it
rule. in other words if you do not like the content of a story there is no need
to call the people who did like it names and say that a story with 40 diggs
should not be on the front page. its simple common curtisy

#3 there needs to be a better duplicit story
reporting system. cerently tommytrc will add in the coment section the link to
the proper story however not every one reads the coment section befor or even
after they digg a story. i would sugest that the duplicit story reporting sytem
work like this: the story is reported by clicking a link the reporter enters in
the link to the story that he/she belives was posted 1st then a site
moderator will make the decision weather to remove the item from the digg area.
this will help reduce the clutter of the digg area and still allow for
updates on ongoing story's. (tommytrc dose a good job of catching most of the
dup's and even has caught me doing it as well i think he would be great for such
a job if willing)

#4 all diggers should be registered this will
eliminate the anonymous diggs that sometime get unworthy story's to the front
page wile the site admin. have been updating the algorithm to prevent this some
times they still get through. by having all diggers register you eliminate the
need to improve the algorithm in this area. non registered users would still be
able to use the site and click the links.

#5 one username per person. wile I'm not sure how
to do this (i have no experience building web pages) Im thinking logging
the ip address would do the trick. digg currently dose this anyway to prevent
30 anonymous diggs form the same ip address. having this would prevent
users from spaming and flaming the comments section wile hiding under another

#6 Most (95%) of the deals in the deals
area are NOT SPAM. there are at least two screen names that
are doing a determent to digg one is " SPAM WARNING" who just
doesn't understand the concept of the deals area accusing people who post deals
of being a spamer. now like most geeks calling me a spamer is worse than saying
shit about my mother. i get a lot my deals from deal sites five out of the seven
sites that i have on my rss feed for this purpose are from Kevin roses blog
for the most part i trust Kevin's opinion in this area i mean he is
the dark dealer. in the event that a link posted for a sale at amazon is an
affiliate link its not annoys fault and besides whoopee fricking doo if some one
made $0.25 when you saved $50 on a deal you didn't know about . And to top
it off its not really spam (see definition of spam) this
goes back to the don't like it don't digg it rule.

#7 there need to be more categories for links. i
mean dose any one know what section news on yahoo and google goes into? if you
do let me know.

#8 digg should add forums. this would do a
couple of good things one it would allow users a place to share ideas for
improvements instead of all of us adding links to our sites ware we
have posted things like this....Im sure there are diggers who don't have
web sites who have way better ideas than those of us that do. in doing research
on this i found a lot of other diggers have written about digg improvements on
there site but Im on #8 now so stopping just aint going to happen

#9 Digg should post the rules of the site somewhere
and make new users agree to them. What these rules are is not my call as it not
my site but some rules are needed we can all agree on that

#10 Make digg a secure site wile the new bloging
feature is really cool i am not a big fan of putting the password to my blog on
a insecure site its one thing if digg gets hacked and some one gets my personal
information off it. its another thing if they get the password to my

wile doing some searches on digg for similar
postings so that i would be able to give suggestions that haven't been posted
befor i saw a few things that bothered me in the comments sections and i feel
the need to address them

if you click the above link you will see ware antispammer wrote " My main problem with Digg is that the admin. has this huge ego and doesn't want to listen to anyones ideas." excuse me have you traded emails with the same person i have ever time i have written the admin. i have been treated with respect and saw no ego problems he has been understanding of my concerns
and addressed them....what can i expect from someone who told me to get a life
in a coment section...however in fairness his suggestions on digg can be found here

Another users take on digg can be seen here
the administrator of slash dot has an opinion on the digg style seen here lets prove him wrong and put him out of business

as with every thing i write comments are always welcome and disagreements are encouraged
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Blogger Sparky said...

Hello - tommytrc here -thank you for mentioning me and my contributions to digg. Contrary to what others might think, I am not an admin and really have no affiliation to the digg admins or anything like that. I just wamt to see digg grow and grow with good content. thank you again!

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