Friday, April 01, 2005

If you can't beat them hire them"

Apple Hires DVD Jon: "If you can't beat them hire them" - This seems to be Apple's new motto. The reason being, it has hired DVD Jon. The very same Jon, who's broken into iTunes thrice giving them sleepless nights.

The first time he targeted iTunes was when he decrypted Apple Computer's wireless music streaming technology. He published the key that Apple's wireless hi-fi bridge, Airport Express, uses to protect music streams and also released another program along with the key and in effect contribute to making it possible for other software applications other than Apple iTunes to work with AirPort Express.

The second time around DVD Jon and two other programmers released software they call "PyMusique", that allows people to connect to Apple's iTunes music store and purchase songs without any copyright protection. They reportedly insisted that "PyMusique" is a "fair interface" for iTunes, aimed at allowing people who use the Linux operating system to purchase music from Apple's store.

Apple's patched the 'vulnerability'.

Just a few days after that they found their way back in spite of the patch. That was when Steve Jobs decided that he'd had enough. He has reportedly paid DVD Jon an undisclosed yet bizarrely huge amount of money to join Apple. DVD Jon has accepted the offer adding to the ever-growing list of hackers who bag security jobs (pun unintended) in big companies.


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