Thursday, March 24, 2005

Update: Inside an Insane mind

More and more is coming out about the killer
here is his msn profile

here is his yahoo profile
ware he lists his Latest News: On anti-depressants. Seeing a therapist... Thats about it, I got a brand new pair of cuts on my wrists that are gonna turn into beautiful scars some day.

im still working on geting his zombie postings including his short storys but am having truble with it any one that can help i will owe you big time here is the link but the site pulled it and has posted this message on there board

The annual average violent crime rate among Indians is twice as high as that of blacks, 2 1/2 times higher than that for whites, according to a survey last year by the Justice Department. Indian youths commit suicide at twice the rate of other young people, according to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The overall death rate of Indians younger than 25 is three times higher than that of the total population in that age group.

When compared with other groups, the commission found, Indians of all ages are 670 percent more likely to die from alcoholism, 650 percent more likely to die from tuberculosis, 318 percent more likely to die from diabetes and 204 percent more likely to suffer accidental death. Despite considerable income gains in the past 15 years, some of it because of Indian gambling operations, Native Americans remain the poorest ethnic group in the country, with about half the average income of other Americans

When it comes to young Indians, the statistical picture here on the Red Lake reservation, home to about 5,000 tribal members, is even bleaker than the national average. A third of teenagers on this reservation are not in school, not working and not looking for work (compared with 20 percent on all reservations), according to census figures.

At school,Weise was an indifferent student. Students teased him about his black outfits, his ungainly bulk (well over 200 pounds) and he often became agitated in class. He failed eighth grade and was required to take a nontraditional class, making wigwams, growing wild rice and doing other traditional activities. His friend's mother, Downwind, was his teacher.

"He wasn't doing any work," she said. "He didn't function academically. He just sat there and drew pictures."

Grant said all of Weise's drawings were "dark. He drew pictures of war, people getting shot."

Seventeen days before the shooting, Weise brought a videotape of the movie "Elephant," based on the school killings at Columbine High, over to Grant's house and insisted that they fast-forward to the shooting scenes. "He liked the gore," Grant said.

When the gory part was over, Grant said, Weise got up and went to his grandmother's house. He said he was going home to get his medication and left the impression that he would be right back. He never came back, and that the last time Grant saw him.Michelle Kingbird, 13, said she's not angry with Jeff Weise, even though the 16-year-old shot her stepbrother and killed three of her friends.

And even though he told her a year ago that he would shoot up the school, she didn't believe him.

Kingbird and Weise were friends, she explained.

"He always made me laugh," said Kingbird, who was at North Country Regional Hospital on Wednesday to visit her stepbrother, Ryan Auginash, 14.

But during Weise's deadly rampage through Red Lake High School on Monday, Kingbird said she even feared her friend would shoot her.

"Because he shot my brother, and he was friends with my brother," she said.


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