Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tribal chairman: Son innocent in Red Lake shootings

AP Wire | 03/29/2005 | Tribal chairman: Son innocent in Red Lake shootings: "The
chairman of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa on Tuesday proclaimed his
teenage son innocent of any role in last week's slayings on the
reservation, calling him a 'good boy with a good heart.'"

Oh how sad i know i know i told all of you i was going to move on from this but this has to to be said i find it real interesting that the same man who told the media that the 1st amendment didn't aply to Red Lake and closed the reservation to outsiders (including state and fed. Funded roads) help a press confrence about the killings had a son involved in all of this and kept his mouth shut...ok he claims his kid wasn't involved but the FBI thinks otherwise and is ready to charge him as an adult as a co consperiter...Things in Red lake need to change
change #1 if your going to receive money form the US govenment all US citizens must be allowed on your rez no question asked 24/7 no exceptions yes closing the area around the school was good its a crime sceen but the whole Rez? all that dose is make it look as if you have somthing to hide witch i guess the chairman did
change #2 The 1st amendment and all other rights garenteed in the US constitution need to be respected at all times that means no pulling guns on reporters taking there cameras and puting them in jail this is not Iraq this is the USA
change #3 Make new local laws ecoraging business to come to red lake the reaseon there is a 50% unemployment rate in Red Lake is simple why would a business go there when the tribe could kick them out and take there property simply because they want to
in short please join the rest of us in the real world please let us in as we have let you in yes i know that the white man took your land there is nothing that can be done about that now i wasnt there and neither were you its time to move on from that to come together for the greater good. If you do not the world will turn its back on you more than it has before more of your people will leave and the once proud band of red lake Chippewa will fade from existence. im not saying turn your back on your traditions just share them with us. No one wants a 3rd world country within the US and i am sure the people of red lake dont want to live in one but thats what it looks like and thats how the local govt. has acted


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