Friday, March 25, 2005

One More On Red Lake

This will probaly be the last post i make on the whole tragedy at Red Lake High School. I think its time to get back to writing about other things that interest me for those of you who found my little piece of cyberspace because of this tragedy i hope you will stick around. Hopefully you will enjoy the entry's i write and as always feel free to use the comments section to tell me just how wrong i am. With all that said lets get on with it.

The Star Tribune has a good story comparing the media covage of the Red Lake killings to the Columbine. . .Star Tribune requires a subscription but ill give ya a good taste incase you don't wana go through the process

When two students shot up Columbine High School in 1999, all three network anchors traveled to the Denver suburb to lead live coverage. No network anchors went to Red Lake.

In the four days after Columbine, the New York Times published eight stories about the shooting on its front page. This week, the Times had three front-page stories about Red Lake.

Hours after the Columbine killings, President Bill Clinton publicly expressed profound shock and sadness at what had happened. He also immediately dispatched Attorney General Janet Reno to the school. As of Friday, President Bush had yet to make a public statement about Red Lake(see what happens when you live in a Blue State)

Some see racism at play. Red Lake is a poor Indian reservation; Littleton, Colo., where Columbine is located, is a predominantly white suburb.

Network higher-ups complained that Indians "speak too slowly, don't express themselves in sound bites," and are culturally too different to connect emotionally with typical TV viewers

Among Minnesota reporters, Red Lake is not known for welcoming media coverage. During a 1979 outbreak of violence on the reservation, a news helicopter was hit by gunfire, although it didn't crash, said Gary Hill, special projects manager for KSTP. Two photographers this week were arrested and handcuffed by tribal police for taking pictures in a place that authorities had ruled off-limits.

The New York Times has a story about how the family of Jeff Weise Family Wonders if Prozac Prompted School Shootings

Oh and here is a link i have been neglecting to post ever sense this happened its to the local paper here in town if your looking for continuing coverage of this story IM sure they will have story's on this for the next 3 months at least


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