Sunday, December 19, 2004

RANT suprnova is gone forever

one of my favorite sites is gone suprvova was one of the best bit torrent sites ever but the jerks at the MIAA & the RIAA couldnt leave well enuff alone they sit in there offices and when the boss comes and askes why sales are down there responce "um well gee boss its the internet. . .um yeah its that dam internet" did it ever cross your mind that the reason the William Hung Xmas CD didnt sell was cuse it sucked ass and the reason some kid down loaded it cause he clicked the wrong button he really ment to get the new lil romeo cd or some other crap you guys put out heres the deal you record company putz GOOD CDs SELL CRAP DOSE NOT thats why your sales are down and sure you can say but the new eminem was downloaded true it was but how long was it compleated and sitting in boxes before you sold it how manny times did EM do a song off from it to promote it making demand bigger in the old world this was a good idea but its a new age if i want somthing ill get it wether you want to sell it to me or not

as far as movies go it aint like im gona put a version of the spunge bob movie with the guy caughing and another one walking in front of the camera every 5 mins to go pee onto a DVD i mean come on GOOD MOVIES SELL TICKETS BAD ONES DONT thats why your lossing cash

stop blaiming 13 year olds (and 25 year olds like me) for your crapy sales


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