Sunday, December 19, 2004

F U Bill Gates

so i go to the local game store the other day. See my sisters kids are geting a xbox for xmas i i fugured id get them a headset for xbaox live they get 2 months for free so they dont need the $70+ stater kit right WRONG

i go in and ask the guy workin there ware can i find the headset that i got about a month ago ya know the one that came with the controler adapter with it. the one i got was on clearence ($7.50) but im sure you have somthing like it. the responce no we dont have those any more ya see Mr.BILL has decided that for the privlege of talking on the xbox you need to buy the stater kit WTF BILL what gives so lets add up all the costs for lets say a halo 2 fan
$50 halo 2 game
$40 halo headset
$70 xbox live stater kit
= $160
the look on BILLS face as he counts his cash priceless

i comend you on your markiting plan well untill i fugure out how to get around it


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